Loop not working as expected

Hi guys,
I’m not really a coder but sometimes I have to edit already existing code and I have a very basic understanding in Ruby and Python. I’m struggling with a loop right now which I can’t explain to myself why. Probably one of you guys can help.

Background: There are always two files with the same name the only difference is one file has $I in front of the actual file name and the other $R. $I contains some information I want to write as custom metadata on the file with $R.
Using the code below it’s going trough every file but only the first on the list gets the custom metadata. There is no error message. I tried to figure it out but I don’t get it. Anyone a clue how I can handle that?

Here’s the the part of the code who should doing that:

    items = $current_case.search("path-name:Recycle.Bin AND name:I*").select {|t| t.name[/^\$I/]!=nil }
    puts "#{items.size} $I items found..."
    puts "Temporary Directory: #{tmpDIR}"
    items.each do |item|
                parentGuid = item.getParent.getGuid
                rootID = item.name[2..-1]
    			puts "Processing Root id: $I#{rootID}"
                if $current_case.search("name:R#{rootID}").count > 0
    				#export only if corresponding items are available
    				if item.getBinary.isAvailable
    						file = File.join(tmpDIR,"nuixtmp")
    						data = File.new(file,"r").read()
    						#Carving bit						
    						size = data[8..15].unpack('V').first
    						str = data[16..23].unpack('H*').first.split("")
    						timestr = ""
    						while str.size > 1 do
    							timestr << str.pop(2).join("").to_s
    						wintime =  timestr.to_i(16)
    						time = wintime/10000000-11644473600
    						deltime= Time.at(time)
    						loc =  data[24..-1].unpack('v*').pack('C*').rstrip
    						flename = loc.split('\\').last
    						ritems=$current_case.search("name:R#{rootID}").select {|t| t.name=="$R#{rootID}"}
    						#Only apply to exact matches
    						ritems.each { |ritem|
    							ritem.getCustomMetadata().putInteger("Original Item Size",size)
    							ritem.getCustomMetadata().putText("Original File Name",flename)
    							ritem.getCustomMetadata().putText("Original File Location",loc)
    							ritem.getCustomMetadata().putText("File Deletion Time",deltime)
    						puts "just added metadata"
    						FileUtils.rm(file) #removing file at the end of the process

    					puts "This item has no binary: #{item.getGuid}"
    				puts "Corresponding $R#{rootID} not found."

I thank you already in advance for any help! Please let me know if you need further information.

Honestly, I’d say if you didn’t write this loop and you can’t figure out why it’s broken then you should go contact the programmer who did write it and get their help. It looks fairly complicated and trying to fix it over the forum will take way too long, but if you get the help of the person who wrote it then you can fix it much quicker.

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