LP3THW - Ex.45 - You Make a Game

Hi guys,
Not really a question so I apologise if this is the wrong forum.

I have completed exercise 45 and thought I’d share my results. One of the instructions of the exercise is to evaluate other people’s code, I thought it might be good to share mine for other people to critique. Feel free to rip to shreds.

The game is very simple, and largely based on building a game like exercise 43 from memory. I focused mainly on creating a combat system, like study drill 5 fro exercise 43 requested, and creating player and enemy objects, rather than a gripping story line.

Find the files here: https://github.com/Charleso19/Python3-Text-Adventure-ex45.git

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Hey that looks good. Looks like you got combat working too. How hard was this for you?

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The exercise overall was difficult but manageable. I think it was a good challenge.

Going back and figuring out the original engine in exercise 43, then trying to create my own based on it, was definitely the key here.
I had to create a few different scripts with the engine to truly understand how it works, for example I made a script that calculates and stores employees salary’s that users input in the command line.

The combat system was harder to do. I originally tried to do it on study drill 5, exercise 43, but it threw me off a bit. I looked on this website and I believe someone had a really good go, so I studied how his code did it and went from there.

Definitely a lot of fun and enjoying the book so far!

Well this is fairly advanced for your level so keep going.

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Cheers for the support, Zed.
Just starting exercise 50 after a week or two on exercise 49

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That’s a good pace. Those last exercises are involved and will take a few weeks each.

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