LP3THW - Getting started, what Python version should I get?


I did a project in Python for school half a year ago, and it turned out fairly well for someone who’s never really coded before.
Coding seemed fun, so I’ve now decided to get the book and try to actually get taught Python instead of trying to learn it by myself.

After the introduction, there is a guide for downloading Atom, Python, and the good stuff, but I’m here wondering if you have to use Python 3.6? The guide asks me to download that specific version, but it’s not the latest version. Would everything work as intended even if I downloaded a newer version?

Thank you!


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Yep. All works on 3.7. Just don’t go back beyond 3.5.

Good luck. :+1:

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Thank you for the reply!
Just one thing - it should work with 3.8 as well, right?

Hello @KungenSam

I think so.
As a beginner one does not come across the differences so much I think.
And probably it does not matter at that level.

And when it does matter one can create a virtual enviornment for the project to prevent the differences to cause problem.
You will learn about this later in the course.

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Yeah 3.8 seems ok based on the change log. Certainly for the the beginning of the book it won’t matter. But @ulfen69 is correct about using a virtual env if you want to be sure of using 3.6. It’s included in the book how to set that up or ask here.

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@ulfen69 @gpkesley Thank you both for your input. I will keep it in mind in case something for some reason doesn’t work!

Much appreciated!