LPTHW - Ex 23 Challenge 1


I’m having some difficult with Question 1 of Exercise 23 where you’re supposed to put strings of texts in other encodings into the ex23.py file and see what happens.

What I believe I’m supposed to do is find some text which is encoded in something like utf-16 or utf-32 and copy that into ex23.py and run it. I’ve done that and ex23.py runs fine. What I believe is happening is when I copy text from a utf-16 formatted text file to ex23.py which is utf-8 (which I know is based on the Core Settings page of the Atom eitor) it is been converted to utf-8 automatically. Is that true?

Am I completely missing the point of this exercise somehow?


Yes, I don’t think modern text editors would even allow you to paste characters outside the file encoding. I think you’re good. Just move on.

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