LPTHW - Ex34 - Study Drills

  1. With what you know of the difference between these types of numbers, can you explain why the year 2010 in “January 1, 2010,” really is 2010 and not 2009? (Hint: you can’t pick years at random.)

I don’t quite understand the question. Is the date supposed to be in a list so January 1 being first and then 2010 second. Why would it be 2009? The hint is suggesting that it can’t be a cardinal number but I really don’t get it.

Yes, you can’t have year 2020 without year 2019 so you can’t randomly jump around time, thus why years start at 1 being the “1st year” and also why nobody says the “zeroeth” anything. I mean, we don’t even have that word in English really.

Now there are some cultures that do birthdays kind of with a zero year (the year of conception), that even that’s kind of having two different first years rather than a 0th year and a 1st year.

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