LPTHW Ex46 : Nosetests succesful but cant understand what to do next

Hey Guys, I’m on Ex46 of LPTHW and I’ve installed everything , ran tests, made the module, setup file …Every Damn Thing
But I’m not able to understand what to do next…Like the book instructs to:-

  1. Make a copy of your skeleton directory. Name it after your new project.
  2. Rename (move) the NAME module to be the name of your project or whatever you want
    to call your root module.
  3. Edit your setup.py to have all the information for your project.
  4. Rename tests/NAME_tests.py to also have your module name.
  5. Double check it’s all working by using nosetests again.
  6. Start coding.

But I’m not quite able to understand the TOP 4 COMMENTS and after this it tells to run the setup.py where am I supposed to save this file for it to work

Also in the Required Quiz part:-
3. Make a project and start putting code into the module, then get the module working.
4. Put a script in the bin directory that you can run. Read about how you can make a
Python script that’s runnable for your system.

How to start putting code into the module?

Please Help
I’ve been going berserk cause of this

Hello @Merlin687

My tip when you feel you close to going berserk is to leave it for a day.
Then come back and read your own post again. Hopefully you will see this from another view and with fresh patience give it another try

It helps me anyway.
God luck.

I believe I actually do all of this in the video. It might be old but should still work. Were you able to watch it?

But, can you explain what you don’t understand? Like, do you not know how to make a copy of a directory? Where the files are? Are you staying in your IDE/Editor or are you using the command line?

1) Can you please help me with the link of the video your referring to.
2) I burnt some midnight oil on the same day I asked this question and got through the entire copying skeleton and setup.py thing

But I am still unable to grasp what these points mean :-

  1. Make a project and start putting code into the module, then get the module working.
  2. Put a script in the bin directory that you can run. Read about how you can make a
    Python script that’s runnable for your system

( I still get a little something of the third point but the 4th point goes straight above above my head )

On a diffrent note Zed, as this is my first time getting a comment from you on my topic, I’d like to THANK YOU for publishing this book .It has really helped a Great Deal

Sadly “where are the videos” depends on where you bought it. Email me at help@learncodethehardway.org and I’ll help you there. It’s easier.

Hey everyone. Not sure if I am in right spot. On exercise 46 the nose test does not work. Using python 3.8 on Mac. It runs with zero test. I tried pytest and got massive errors in return. Do I need to create a file that imports pytest first like the book said to as we did nose.

Hey, if you were referring to the informit videos… via the link in the book, I registered and got access to the aforementioned videos :blush:

@Michael, can you do me a big favor and start a new thread asking about how to do a PyTest setup? I’m super busy but if you start a thread on it, then I can write up how to convert from nose to pytest.

Nice @Merlin687, I just realized you asked another question. Did you get an answer yet?

AND @florian was a great help in resolving all the issues.Thanks for asking :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Nice. Yes, @florian is a great help. I should send him a present at some point.


Just “paying back” for what I’ve learnt. I wouldn’t be able to do much of the stuff I can do today if I hadn’t come across your books. And it’s nice to see that I can actually help people now.


Hello Merlin687!
I am stuck at the same problem right now.
Can you please provide me with the link of the video you are talking about?
Thank you in advance.

Thanks! You’re a gem good sir.

I think you sent me an email @Vish so I’ll answer you there but if not email me again at help@learncodethehardway.com.

this is the first i have heard of videos
where do i find them?

Drop @zedshaw an email help@learncodethehardway.com. if you have purchased the material. You can access through your account.

i did not buy it i was hopeing it is free

I mean the book not the videos.

i got the book for free

A free service run by Zed A. Shaw for learncodethehardway.org.