LPTHW Exercise 28 CSQ

I did not understand the logic behind common student question 1 under exercise 28.

Also, I did not get the shortcut mentioned in 3. Can someone please explain and give some examples?

Did you try to play with it in the interpreter? Did you do “test” and “test” for example?
The shortcut refers to a shorter way to memorize the boolean expressions, a kind of a hint that makes you click faster if you memorize it instead of memorizing all the expressions.

Yes I did do that and I got ‘test’ . But I do not understand the reasoning behind it. Could someone please explain? I would really appreciate it.

Hi, I gave you some advice in another post so please read that and then come back and augment this post with the information I need. Basically, you have to start doing more work before you ask for questions so that you get used to trying to figure things out on your own.