Maybe I'm just overthinking it but hey.... I'm determined to learn


I finally understood the hashlib module but I do have a question and figured I’d ask here in the python forum. In saltedHash the digit at the very end (1000) that is the iteration that is based on the hash ‘sha512’ correct???

You should read the docs for that and be sure you understand them. Also, you are indenting too much here. Only do 4 spaces per level. You have 8.

i caught that. thank you regardless and yeah I broke it down and it was easy to understand thanks to the documentation…

I always read the docs on function calls. My memory is trash so I just don’t bother memorizing these things. They also change all the time and the people who change them pretend they’ve always been that way, so you might as well just get used to looking them up. That’s saved me from bugs so many times.

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