Miss you all! :-D

My status this week is:

A search box in Vue + a button that orders objects based on whatever value the user wants,
Looks smth like this (I didn’t polish the CSS yet):

Desktop-screenshot - 2020-12-05T195804.894

Desktop-screenshot - 2020-12-05T195911.037

Fixed a ton of bugs, had to rewrite some DRF serializers, added a new method on one of the views to call candidates and jobs data from the client’s private account on Greenhouse.
I rewrite data I get from there using another serializer that pulls the fields we need, writes them to our original serializer after mapping them to the right fields ( some of them have foreign keys)
We are using Harvest Api. I also modified a custom management command.

I don’t seem to have enough time for everything, I need to do some housework too.
Get more experience.

I am currently working on …
fixing bugs
I am struggling with understanding …
how to improve Vue speed when dealing with large data amounts, how to handle different types of authentication for different tenants (Django), how Django sites framework works
I am finally understanding …
how SSO auth really works.
I have work to show at …
Most of the soup is private.
Hope everyone is well, I miss you all, guys!


Hi @io_io - Great to hear from you!

Glad the gig is going well.

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Hi, @gpkesley!
What’s cooking?
How’s running and coding?

@io_io pretty good thanks. Got a new job so I’m out the contractor game, which does mean much more time to work on things and zero commutes even when lockdown is over.

I’ve been addressing a gap in my front-end skillset, (remember my hatred for all things html/CSS) but actually its turned out quite well with good exposure to js, jquery and php/sql too. My new employer has started using React/Node a lot so its time I got onto the js work a lot more and using Jest. They also still use python scripting for things so I can keep my hand in there, along with the myriad of projects and things that make up my tutorial-hell.

Running is good. All this year’s events got cancelled obviously but next year looks serious with 100 milers, etc. and something every month. I’ll share the site I’m building for it when its done.

Hows the crops? Are you still getting time to balance work and the farming? Also, what’s your setup now? Are you still using vim and tmux? I must admit I’ve got quite a taste for VS Code with vim extensions these days.


Nice, that sounds great, both of you!

Does that work well for you with a custom .vimrc? I’ve tried it, twice I think, when doing web stuff which is more comfortable with VSC + extensions than in my pretty archaic vim/bash comfort zone, but I gave up because some things (IIRC folds and some mappings) didn’t quite work.

Wow, lots have changed :smiley:
I am sure working from home helped you relax a bit more.
The crops were good this year. I find the time to do them both, yes. In fact I am better organised now.
I am still using Vim and Tmux + nerdtree and a few other plugins.
Tried Kite for a bit to see what the hype was about, but not a fan.
I find those sudden autocomplete popups scary :smiley:
No autocomplete for me.
@florian hi, you can totally try Vim + Kite, you might find you like it.

My status this week is:

I built a basic blog with sapper. Then bought a VM and hosted it online! I’m kind of bummed that sapper is not getting supported anymore, but I understand ultimately that is just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.


Time. I travel for my job a fair amount.


Keep building on that blog.

Learn to use Barbells, get “Swole”.

Read More




To be honest I’ve not tried with my custom .vimrc so might give that a go. Most of my file had python or js linting, json formatting, syntax checking or things like NerdTree, Emmet HTML snippets which are already present in VSC or extensions anyway.

I was also reading an article about generic things worth knowing as a programmer and vim/vi came up for servers, networking and containerisation, where you often only have a terminal/cli to work with. That got me thinking the staying as vanilla as possible (like the VSC extension) would ensure I could just work out of the box. (Plus I was constantly erroring in VSC from muscle memory with switching modes, navigating and trying to write/save so it made sense!)

@zberwaldt nice one. I’ve not heard of Sapper before and only Svelte because Zed mentioned it. This is my issue with js though, its just moves so quickly. That can be great if your deep into it, but in early investment learning times, it can seem that you waste time on projects that go nowhere. But as you say, that’s actually reality that this stuff is ever-changing and not static at all.


I have found that taking what I know of other languages and mapping them to similar element of JS to be really helpful for doing some sort of “learning transfer”. It works with projects too. Take a basic project you’ve done in python and make it in JavaScript.

It helps to see the common inspirations for the languages, and for me personally helped me realize that ultimately there isn’t that much that is different between languages.

As an aside, I also want to get back into Vim. But so far every time I’ve tried I find myself missing modern code editors. I just have to go cold turkey, I think.

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Yep, this is how I did it. Just removed all other fancy editors and used vim + tmux.

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I get the transferable skills for sure. The Web Dev bootcamp I’ve done was actually quite easy as the php and js was obvious when you know enough about basic software mechanism. I feel I am finally at the point where I really understand algorhyms and such which have been a little intimidating up to now.

Having too many projects doesn’t help, but that’s just me I suppose. Over Xmas I’m focusing on building a Django site entirely using TDD to really nail that, and then data structures and algorithm practice until its nailed and I can write solutions.

I think having a wide variety of projects is really useful. Rotating through projects is what I do when I hit a sticking point. Either I’ll think of the solution while the problem percolates in my head, or some code In the other project(s) will. I’d be interested to see your TDD for your site once you have everything put together. If you’re willing to share.

@io_io Did you follow Vim School? or some tutorial to get you started or did you just dive in?

Happy to share @zberwaldt but I’ll be obeying the testing goat throughout should you wish to google it.

Awesome! I’ll check out the book, too. Thank you.

@zberwaldt Just reviewed Zed’s vids then googled whatever I didn’t know if I wanted a quick answer… Having a boyfriend that knows vim very well helped a lot too.
But basically yes, dove in.

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Thanks for the hint! I’ve tried it, didn’t like it much either. Then I saw that they are spamming messages like “you’ve spent you’re daily quota of free pro substitutions, upgrade here”, which I find obnoxious. Immediately removed it…

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Yes @io_io is right. The first one or two days are going to be a pain, but after that you’ll love it.


@zberwaldt I just remembered that I played this for a couple of days:

It was fun and sped up the learning process quite a bit. And it taught me the vim mindset… do as much with as few keystrokes as possible. Some of the puzzles are pretty tricky! Take a look, you can try the first levels for free. It was definitely worth the price for me.

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I think I just did VimTutor and learned on the job. It was definitely painful for a week!

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Awesome! Thanks for all the resources!

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