Need help with a refactor


Hi, @zedshaw. I am building a REST API with Node.js and I’m fairly new to Javascript - I come from a Python background. I need your help refactoring the code and it’s longer than can be posted on here.



Well I could take a look if you can get it on or something similar.


Please could I get your email for adding you to a private repo? Thanks.


Sorry, you’ll have to make it public for me to review it. Why is it private? Is it a company project?


Yes it is a company project. I’m a junior dev and barely one month in.


Ah, in that case you should not show that to me at all. You can get in a lot of trouble if you show someone code and they don’t work at your company. Like, big lawsuit firing kind of trouble. You should find a senior developer to help you, and don’t worry about them firing you if you’re considered a junior developer.


Okay then. Thank you.