Networking the hard way

I am thinking this would be an interesting book.
I admit I got used to your books and when I read anything else on tech subjects it’s like novel content…novel content… oh, here’s the info I need to retain, novel content…novel content, another 4 pages of novel content , some other piece of info :smiley:
I kept postponing learning about networking, you know, at least getting familiar. Now I need this extra knowledge.

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Oddly enough I’m actually good at this subject, so yeah I might consider that book.


That’d be nice, I am sure lots of people would benefit.

I’m with @io_io such a book would be great!

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@io_io am I right in assuming you mean social networking, and not infrastructure networking?

No, I mean infrastructure networking.


Servers, Routers, Protocolls, etc :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if any of you have ever checked this out, but while you’re waiting for Zed to put a networking book together, the crab book is a really good look at TCP/IP. I read it waaaaay back around 2001. I don’t think it’s undergone many revisions because the principles haven’t really changed. I didn’t get through the whole thing, but it was handy for figuring out the IP stack, addressing and routing, network layouts, subnet masks and all that stuff. It was especially useful in the old days because plug-and-play network configuration was either underdeveloped or non-existent.


Perfect, thanks @austen . I found it on safaribooksonline.

I thought you meant small groups of likeminded individuals, sat around with their names tags on, holding a ‘Lean Coffee’ to ‘Discuss merits of the SAFe Framework’.

It did throw me when @zedshaw said he was good at that :smile:


Speaking of social networking, since Google+ dies in 10 months or so, I migrated to MeWe and like it.
Wonder why was it so hard for Google to do something similar. Just a cosy place with a clean and easy to use interface. I understood more after reading that rant I shared earlier today.

Or you could reduce your online footprint and stop feeding the marketing machine :wink:

I’m still angered by the fact that I ‘talk’ about stuff
at home and it ends up as adverts on my wife’s FaceBook feed. Not mine, hers! Something is definitely snooping and is suspect Google!

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