No Indent between parentheses

I’m just starting out with Python the Hard Way. I’ve completed exercise 8 and it runs perfectly except:
When I first did it the strings in the parentheses the parentheses were red and I got a syntax error. The strings would not indent by themselves. I tried to tab each line but it still would not run. After staring at my work for a while I added a return after the second parentheses - just a shot in the dark. And lo and behold it ran perfectly. BUT still no indent. Screen shot included.
Is the indent important? Notepad++ 7.5.3, Powershell, Windows 10 Home V1703, Python 2.7.14

I would say you fixed the typo in the code with the ‘return’ and the indent(s) is not required but improves the readability of the code. I have tried with and without indenting and both work for me.

If the code runs fine in Python this most the text editor. I wouldn’t worry about it much, some times the text editors get it wrong.