October 29th Accountrability

My status this week is:

DONE: Changed SSD in my Laptop, setup everything new
BLOCKERS: Changed SSD in my Laptop, setup everything new
GOALS: Setup the real-estate project on my new OS

I am currently working on … a real estate project in django

I am struggling with understanding …

I am finally understanding …

I have work to show at … nothing to show for now

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My status this week is:

DONE: Totally trashed my microblog whilst trying to find shortcuts. Then realised I hadn’t been adding to src. So…started again using my notes. Was a good exercise really and much better src this time!
BLOCKERS: Above. Had to restart a lot of work.
GOALS: Keep coding whilst on holiday. Need to finish some stuff I started.

I am currently working on … microblog translations. @DidierCH would you be able to assist me with a Deutsch translation if I send you a .POT file with snippets to translate?

I am struggling with understanding … soon to be ‘Docker’ I expect.

I am finally understanding … why source control saves lives…

I have work to show at … going to keep everything on GH now. https://github.com/PlutoniumProphet/microblog

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Hey @gpkesley I’m glad to help you to translate the blog to German. Just tell me when you are ready and I will fork your repo on Github. It will be a good opportunity to practice pull requests :slight_smile:

Thanks @DidierCH you are more than welcome to grab the repo but it might be easier for me to send you the .pot file directly as this is what pybabel uses to create a translation directory when initialised. As a result, it’s not included in the repo as can be generated at anytime from command line.

I’ll DM you if you like? It would also be great to Give it a try as a native german speaker once its hosted online. :+1:

Hi Graham
Yes, just send me the file as a DM. Of course I will give it a try once it is online.

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OK @DidierCH if you don’t mind, you can grab the file from here: https://github.com/PlutoniumProphet/microblog/blob/master/app/translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po

Should be obvious what to do. Sorry there are a few… thanks mate.I cannot send the file via the forum but if you prefer an email copied, ping me your details in private.

Hi @gpkesley I sent you a pullrequest with the german translation. Translating was a good experience. It is not always so easy to find the semantically correct translation. If you are not careful, a translation can quickly sound ridiculous (I understand better now why machine translated text sometimes are silly).

I hope I have found the right words. Please send me a link if the page is online and I will check the translation in the actual context.

The most difficult sentence to translate were:

msgid "You cannot unfollow yourself!"

On this one I had to be carefully not to distort the meaning but to find a good sounding sentence. I don’t know actually how you can say this properly in German :scream: I chose: msgstr "Du kannst dir nicht selbst nicht mehr folgen." but there will be better ways to say it, I’m sure.

Thank you so much @DidierCH that was really quick! I really appreciate it. I’ll review the PR and merge today as I’m also working on a translation service via Microsoft’s API. It’s all coming together nicely.

You’re welcome @gpkesley. I’m looking forward to the finished blog.

@DidierCH found a course on Django , on safaribooksonline (Python Django Dev To Deployment [Video]) and the example is a real estate site :smiley: . Had to tell you this.

Hey @io_io thank you so much :+1:. Sounds very interesting especially chapters 6 and 7 and the course is also new. I plan to take that courses after I managed to do a little more work by my own.
And what’s cool, because I have a valid Packt subscription the course has no additional costs for me.

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Thanks for support @DidierCH as my site now supports ‘en’, ‘es’ and ‘de’ based solely on browser settings. Cheers.

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Hey @io_io so good that you sent me that recommendation. I just watched the overview videos and it is good to see that I did almost the same! And good is, it just caught me on the verge to over complicate things. So I move along with what I already have and then jump back into the course to see what I can do better or different :+1:

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Great! Glad it helped you!