October 6th Accountability

My status this week is:

DONE: Started a web project
BLOCKERS: life, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, stats class
GOALS: To get a job in tech, do a prompt for every Inktober, get some kind of functionality into my new web project, get through intro-to-computers, enjoy the fall weather, get to the theater for ZombieLand 2.

I am currently working on … This is the project I’m working on: https://nelliesnoodles.github.io/skillz.github.io/
It needs a ton of work, but I’m learning in the process.

I am struggling with understanding … How I’m going to make anything go to DB and store information and logging and all that back-end stuff

I am finally understanding … I don’t understand SOOOO much

I have work to show at … Nothing new other than skillz site. Been sluggish at the code the last couple weeks.

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My status this week is:

DONE: Not much
BLOCKERS: Got lost in details
GOALS: Define an MVP for my real-estate app

I am currently working on … a real-estate listing app

I am struggling with understanding … How to accomplish things.

I am finally understanding … Generators in more detail (took a little excurse in Computer Science)

I have work to show at … Nothing to show for now.

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DONE: Still working on the spanish translation in MicroBlog. Motivation totally dropped off becuase its not very interesting and a lot of mucking about with syntax. Nearly done though and then onto async stuff and structure which is more interesting.

BLOCKERS: Bought an Oculus Quest. Man its unbelievable and consuming way too much time. I’m going with the flow as the novelty will wear off…eventually. Maybe…

GOALS: Got a 3 day course this week so goal is to keep coding on train to/from course. I know I’ll be quite tired but need to keep moving.

I am currently working on … MicroBlog site

I am struggling with understanding … How VR works and is so amazing.

I am finally understanding … What it was like when I first discovered games on my Acorn Electron and was totally blown away by them…again.

I have work to show at … Local only. Docker deploy coming up.


Oooo! You got an Oculus!
My son’s been asking for one since he was seven lol.

One day!

Yeah I’ve had the Dev kit version a few years back but this thing is a self contained unit, no wires, total freedom to walk about.

I suggest getting him one immediately.

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