On learning guitar

I’m trying to study guitar and I can’t seem to find anything good for learning guitar.

I recently came across a video interview with Zed and two guys where they spoke about business.
During a part of the video Zed mentioned reading a book on learning guitar. The author was Mickey Baker.
This is what I found:

Is this book any good? Is there anything better that I could use to learn to play guitar?

I recently got a Yamaha accoustic guitar. One of the first songs I tried to learn to play was Stairway to Heaven, needless to say it’s difficult. lol

So, any help?

Thank you,

Just hit YouTube. Literally hundreds of hours of guitar videos. Depends what you want to learn but my advice would be scales and finger positions. Don’t neglect your pinky!

That’s what I used, but for learning Jazz. Also check out “Blues You Can Use”:

I’d say that’s a good book before Mickey’s book. If you are using an electric guitar, get one of these:


It’s the bomb for practicing. You would take whatever song is in BYCU and play them for the TRIO+. Then the TRIO+ figures out the drums and bass for it. Then practice the rhythm again along with the trio until you’re getting it right. Once you’re nailing the rhythm, do a loop of it and then practice the Pentatonic notes pattern over those chords to learn to solo.