Operating Systems and C

I have a chatbot experiment I’m tinkering with(python), When I’m looking up how to create a desktop icon to run the chatbot in some sort of GUI, I find (in my google searches) people are saying things such as “OS dependent” … or along the lines of ‘this only works for Operating System Wammabamma.’

So the question is, Don’t all Operating systems have C already in them? And would it more universal {compatible}, to make her in C?
I’m assuming that C is in all operating systems, but maybe I’m wrong.
Just curious about the computer science aspect of C, and it’s role in operating systems.

I was interested by this question and I did some digging–I had always assumed that larger operating systems would be written in C, but small stuff would be written in Java. However according to this article, it looks like most every OS contains C just because of it’s memory efficiency. My question to you is, have you considered building the app entirely in Python? A rough GUI could be constructed with tkinter. Of course you have your own reasons, it’s purely for my own curiosity.

Absolutely. She’s not really A.I. the way she’s written, no probability involved. The main reason I chose Python was because I was not familiar with C, and A.I. is heavily favored in py.
But I want to learn C anyways, and building her in it seems a great way to get started, as well as doing Zed’s book of course.

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