Power Shell not responding correctly

Hello, I can run codes through my Power Shell and when I hit enter, a command prompt will open for 1 second showing my print and then disappears. I can still print using my command prompt but some of the tasks from the exercises is using power shell and I would like to follow along using the same technique as the instructor. Help please


when you press enter your should already have the Power Shell command prompt open, it sounds like you haven’t, the open by 1 second could be the program executing and closing as expected hence it disappears because your running it from the windows run prompt not power shell prompt

when you type the command, ‘python ex??.py’ you are typing this at the blue power shell command prompt?

Yes, i have to type a space first and then .\ex13.py and the command prompt window executing and closes. The blue power shell will list all of my .py files.

Thank you

O.K. prompt works fine, thank you.

Do you have the videos? You should watch them to see how I’m doing it. I type this:

python ex1.py

I do NOT do this:


And that’s not anywhere in my book, specifically because windows does that with Python.