Pre-Ordering: Learn MORE Python The Hard?

Hi everyone I just looked around and seem like LMPTHW is on “Pre-Ordering”, does that means that book is not ready yet but you can still order it?

If that is the case, what do you get from pre-ordering? and what to expect as for later on?

If partial part of the book will be available for now, would you please tell what is not ready yet?

Also, I guess that whatever questions or comments should I have during progressing with the book this forum would be the right place to come for help and questions, right?


It’s for sale and not in a pre-order status.

Well thanks, I purchased it but still the whole thing (product name, download, URL, etc) is called with the ‘pre-order’ trailing expression so it might be confusing for others too.

Hmm, no idea. I just know that when I went to the LCTHW site today, the LMP book wasn’t showing as a pre-order.

I say “pre-order” because I’m still working on the videos. The whole text of the book is done, and I’m up to Exercise 25 (posted up to 21 so far), and should have more coming soon. Sadly Hurricanes and moving have held back the development a bit.


Hi Zed,

Where have you posted the first 21 videos. I can’t seem to find them.

You go to and they are in the downloads (first section) for the book. Email if you can’t find it.

You mean that we are supposed to see until ‘Ex18-Ex19’, right?

Clarifying my own answer, I want to make the point that I am waiting for the DB related videos but we (at least my case) videos until ‘Ex19’ file. Just want to make sure that you are not saying that we are supposed to see until ‘Ex21’, right?

Yes I’m still recording and editing videos and uploading. I’ve been held back by some technical issues but should have some up soon.