Problem with Ex 13 cat command in CLI exercises

Hello, I am working my way through the command line exercises in the Appendix, and have got to Ex 13 - the cat command.

The exercise requires creating an empty text file called ‘test2.txt’ in the ‘temp’ directory, then typing the following:
cat test2.txt
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Don’t you know why?


I have followed the exercise to the letter, and I get an error message (shown below).

Can anyone help. Unfortunately it does’t even explain what the ‘cat’ command does, so I have nothing to use to work out what I am doing wrong and what I should be doing instead.

Thanks for any input!

I found the answer on the internet.

the ‘cat’ command shows everything in the file regardless of amount

the ‘more’ command shows everything page by page.

The exercise must have required something to be in the files, but forgot to say. Anyway - I hope this helps the next person!


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