PyDoc is missing words

Throughout this course, Zed says to go to PyDoc and look up something. In my experience with PyDoc, those words are usually not there. A lesson or two back, he said to look up PyDoc Open. Open is not listed in the list of words. I have had that problem with other words. I’m using version 3.7 so it should be up to date. Also, when I open PyDoc, I get a small command box that is totally black and the input thingy says ‘server’. Then the PyDoc form comes up over it. I start PyDoc by going to the Start button, doing a search on Python and then clicking on the icon. Is that the right way or is there a way to open it in WinPS? Most times I just do a Google search for the term I’m looking for or read the posts from others and try to figure out what I’m supposed to know. Thank you. Not2smart.

Hello Ric.

I often look at YouTube for help with Python.

Have a look at this clip from Socratia.
She explain things very good and is quite fun at times.

Perhaps you still don’t find what you are looking for.
But its a guide how to use PyDoc.

Honestly, keep in mind the book is old and you should just use Google, or if you need offline docs then Dash for iOS - Documentation Browser for 200+ APIs - Kapeli is good. The state of pydoc on windows (and in general) is one of the reasons I find Python is hostile to beginners now. It should be very easy to get docs out of Python, and that’s one of their state goals, but they make it too hard to run it.

One trick is to do this instead:

>>> help(something)

If you’re playing around in the python shell and there’s a thing you want to know about, then you can call help on it. Here’s me doing that:

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Thank you both for the help. I’ll try those. Not2Smart.