Pytests and nosetests ran 0 tests

I actually got nosetests working before I reset my laptop. However, after resetting my laptop this afternoon, and after I reinstalled everything, I suddenly got ran 0 tests problem. So I decided to switch to pytest because I saw a lot of people recommended pytest in this forum. After installing pytest, I still got collected 0 items problem.
(I’m 100% sure syntax and folders are correct, they worked for nosetests before but not now.)

Below are my pytest code:

import pytest
from import Room

def test_room():
    gold = Room("GoldRoom",
            """This room has gold in it you can grab. There's a
            door to the north.""")
    assert == "GoldRoom"
    assert gold.paths == {}

def test_room_paths():
    center = Room("Center", "Test room in the center.")
    north = Room("North", "Test room in the north.")
    south = Room("South", "Test room in the south.")

    center.add_paths({'north': north, 'south': south})
    assert center.go('north') == north
    assert center.go('south') == south

def test_map():
    start = Room("Start", "You can go west and down a hole.")
    west = Room("Trees", "There are trees here, you can go esat.")
    down = Room("Dungeon", "It's dark down here, you can go up.")

    start.add_paths({'west': west, 'down': down})
    west.add_paths({'east': start})
    down.add_paths({'up': start})

    assert start.go('west') == west
    assert start.go('west').go('east') == start
    assert start.go('down').go('up') == start

Below is the terminal output:

(lpthw) PS C:\Users\shane\lpthw\ex47\skeleton> pytest    
================================= test session starts ============================ 
platform win32 -- Python 3.8.3, pytest-5.4.3, py-1.8.1, pluggy-0.13.1
rootdir: C:\Users\shane\lpthw\ex47\skeleton
collected 0 items                                                                                                                                             

================================= no tests ran in 0.03s ========================== 

PS: I’m working on Visual Studio Code and the interpreter path is set to the virtual environment (.venvs/lpthw/Scripts/python). I installed both nose and pytest in virtual environment so I have to start from here otherwise vscode throws “pylint unable to import blahblah” problem.

Not sure which part went wrong, need some help!
Thanks in advance!

Hello @CodeX

Do you have an empty in your test folder? 
Perhaps you need one in the ex47 folder too.

If it’s a clean install, have you install the project package:

pip install -e <path/url to where exists> 

I overlooked this a few times when moving packages around in my machine. The -e is to endure it’s —editable

Also make sure the names of your test files match pytests search rules, they’re slightly different from nose. (Pytest doesn’t accept files with tests in their name by default.)

Yes I do. I have each for test and ex47 folder. They worked for nosetest before but not now.

Wow, this is the exact problem.

“In those directories, search for test_*.py or * files, imported by their test package name.”

I named my test file with an s to the end so it collected nothing.
Thank you so much!

But I still don’t know why nosetest ran nothing. Do I have to work on that as well or leave it be?
I am not sure if I should focus on nosetest since so many people recommend pytest in this forum.


Thank you so much! @florian solved my problem. But I’ll keep your advice in mind!

My opinion? No need to waste time on it.

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