Python 2 or Python3

Should I bother learning Python2 at this point in time with Python2 no longer being maintained as of Jan 2o2o or should I just start off with Python3 and forget Python2. Please any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum @planetminguez.

Go for Python3.

I guess you would not buy a product if it’s no longer in production and there is no spare parts or service avaiable soon.

Yeah if you are learning it makes sense to start with 3, but once you are comfortable with that, just familiarise yourself with the differences in case you have to work in Python 2 projects at some point.

I agree with @ulfen69 and @gpkesley. Learn Python 3. If and only if you have to use Python 2 at some point, read up on the differences. (I personally hope that I’ll never have to deal with strings vs unicode strings in Python 2 again…)

By the way, did you guys upgrade to 3.8? I like that new walrus operator :=. It’s come in handy already. :slight_smile:

Hello @florian.

I have just recently installed 3.8.
But I have not tried this walrus operator yet.
There is even more to learn I see :slight_smile:
Getting a little bit addicted to learn new things.

Still on 3.7 here. I’ll add it to the ‘things to do over Xmas’ list

There are worse addictions…

But seriously, I think it’s normal behavior for a human. It’s called curiosity. :wink: Go feed that hunger!

No I haven’t still on 3.7.3 def will upgrade tho

And thank you everyone for your feedback!