Python 3.6 or later version?

I recently bought the Python 3 book. I’ve worked through the appendix on powershell and I’m starting in earnest on the rest of the exercises.

I’ve noticed that the link provided for installing Python (Python Release Python 3.6.0 | is for a version that has an end-of-support date of this month.

I’m trying to follow exactly what is written but is there a reason to not get a later/the latest version of Python? Would anything from the book no longer work or break if I use the latest version?

Just asking this feels a bit like stumbling at the first hurdle but hey ho. I’d rather look stupid by asking than find myself tearing my hair out in a months time because I’m using the wrong version.

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to use any version after 3.6, so get the lest one you can. They used to make breaking changes but I think after 3.6 they stopped doing that.

If you have an M1 mac and you get weird errors like:

zsh python3 terminated

Let me know.

Hi mate,

Thanks very much for the quick answer. Sorry about the e-mail by the way! I misunderstood what it was for.