Python Basics Workshop, Do We Need It?


Hey Everyone,

Just looking to get a sense of how many people actually need the PBW Round 2 that we have planned for today? We’ve got the JSBasics going, and then we’re doing the LMorePy, and as @gpkesley mentioned doing more than that might be too much.

So, if you’re looking to restart the Python Basics again, then please reply to this so I can see what kind of demand we have. If not then I’d like to cancel for today and focus on the JSBasics and MorePy sessions.


Fine with me. I’m not going to be connected in time anyway.


Fine with me. I concentrate on MorePy and LJSTHW. The schedule for that is perfect for me (wednesday JS, saturday MorePy).


Cool, I’m just hanging in chat to tell people that. And I might do it again but with new customers who haven’t done it in a couple of weeks.

If anyone wants to redo the PBW just let me know and I can work it out with you privately to keep you on task and answer questions.


Focusing on JSBasics is good.