Python Basics Workshop, Do We Need It?

Hey Everyone,

Just looking to get a sense of how many people actually need the PBW Round 2 that we have planned for today? We’ve got the JSBasics going, and then we’re doing the LMorePy, and as @gpkesley mentioned doing more than that might be too much.

So, if you’re looking to restart the Python Basics again, then please reply to this so I can see what kind of demand we have. If not then I’d like to cancel for today and focus on the JSBasics and MorePy sessions.

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Fine with me. I’m not going to be connected in time anyway.

Fine with me. I concentrate on MorePy and LJSTHW. The schedule for that is perfect for me (wednesday JS, saturday MorePy).

Cool, I’m just hanging in chat to tell people that. And I might do it again but with new customers who haven’t done it in a couple of weeks.

If anyone wants to redo the PBW just let me know and I can work it out with you privately to keep you on task and answer questions.

Focusing on JSBasics is good.