Question about modules

First question on these forums, I apologize if it’s not formatted correctly.

In the video for exercise 07 Zed states that const readline = require(“readline-sync”); basically tells node to look for a folder named “readline-sync” in our node_module folder. We installed the readline sync folder using npm and I can see that the folder is there.

In exercise 09 we use const fs = require(“fs”) however we never install this into our node_module folder. My question is how does node know how to find this folder? I’m assuming it has something to do with relative vs absolute paths however I’m not sure.

fs comes already installed in Node core.
There are some modules you need to install because they are not part of the core. These extras are stored in the node_modules folder.

What IO says is true for nearly all languages. They have a core set of libraries, but many people create new libraries to extend the language.

Different languages have different ways to ‘import’ the extended features.