Recommendations for a C++ book?

I’m looking for a solid book to start learning C++.

I’m fairly comfortable with the basic concepts in programming, I’ve done quite a bit of OOP in Python and I have enough of a working knowledge of C to write small programs without much friction.

What would be a good choice? I’ve found Accelerated C++ and C++ Primer, but there seem to be a lot of others, too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Not really helping but my experiences lately is that online material is much easier to find and is more accurate than printed books these days.

I have so many books that just aren’t possible to implement as libraries have changed, and small errors are thrown.

I also find the feedback loop help for online material is much shorter. Doesn’t help the authors much though.

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Thanks, Graham. That’s certainly a valid point, especially since some of those books are kinda old and it looks like quite a bit has been added to C++ in the last decade.

But the thing is, I so much prefer reading real books! I’ve found that I usually end up printing and binding online material anyway. And then why not buy a book right away?

I know what you mean for sure and share the preference for a physical book. It’s just a shame how quick they date.

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