Recovery from a programming slump

Havent programmed for over a year because well life happened. Before then I had completed the learn python the hard way. Worked on personal projects and was working on a project before the slump.

Havent been able to get back into it.

Any tips?

Start on something small. and build momentum.
Start by learning something new and implementing it, for example.
Work on building a habit of developing something everyday, even if it’s only for 10 minutes initially.

Journaling about all the things, can help too.

I hope this helps.

Yes, like @zberwaldt suggested working on some small projects is a good start. Maybe blasting through LPTHW again to refresh your memory. It might also help to figure out why you just stopped. Sometimes things become boring for some reason and there’s no interest, which is alright. But, maybe there’s something else that’s blocking you and once you remove that you can do it.


Thanks @zberwaldt and @zberwaldt for the response. Will take those into account as I embark on my recovery.

Well I wouldn’t say “recovery”. It’s not like it’s some tragic failure or anything like that. You just lost interest for a while. Maybe that’s the first step: stop beating yourself up over it and just get back into it by coding on something every day.