Request for Comments section for forum

I was wondering if it would be possible for there to be dedicated section on the forum where people can bounce Ideas/ pitch projects and just discuss the goals of those projects, or how they might approach a certain project or component of a project.

You can use the Gallery section for this purpose if you have an already working project or just use the ‘normal’ language threads like ‘Python’, ‘JavaScript’ etc.

The way I was thinking about it was that the gallery is for projects that have already taken shape and have been built to some extent.

And, while it’s true, I could use the language categories. I was just thinking that for projects that are only in the high level/conceptual stage that it would be cool to have a collaborative place to go to discuss them in a more language agnostic way.

Also, I think it’d be a good learning opportunity and an opportunity to network and potentially collaborate on projects.

Maybe that’s too out of scope for this forum?

I could rename it to Gallery & RFC. It seems like that’s sort of the place to talk about things you’re working on and ideas you have. Or maybe an entirely different name? Any suggestions?

Honestly, I think it’s fine the way it is. After thinking about it for a bit I realized that this is all just me getting hung up on semantics, basically. All my idea would serve in the end is to just to complicate things. Apologies for the trouble. I appreciate the offer, regardless.

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