Resources for mastering email programming


Lately I’ve been interested in mastering email and maybe creating my own email service (just for me). I know this is probably silly. I just like the Idea of being in control of my email and doing it myself instead of using gmail or any other service.

I’ve seen an open source project called Mail-in-a-box, that’s kind of in the same vein of what I’d like to accomplish.

I’ve also recently bought a book called Programming Internet Mail from O’Reilly. So any resource in addition to that would be nice.

A legit reason for wanting to do this is: It seems programming e-mail is kind of a pain the ass, so If I can get good at it. I’ll be valuable.

Now, just to be fair. I understand there is a trade off to doing it yourself. I’ll have to worry about security, quality code, bugs and other problems.

The advantage of using services is they have entire teams dedicated to solving or handling the different aspects of handling email. All for the low, low price of they can take whatever data they can glean from your email or a small fee.

You’re in the right place. @zedshaw wrote a e-mail-server by himself:

I’m sure he can give you some valuable advice.

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