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Hi Everyone,

I hope you don’t mind me asking this here. I am thinking of enrolling in a 7month course to become a junior developer.

Forces me to learn
Class room learning
Job placement at the end to get work experience

Travel 3hours 5days a week
Don’t really want to move as moved 6times in 7years
Tired today from the travel alone

I really don’t think it’s good for me, I’d love to know when the next python junior developer course is after the new year.

Anyway, would appreciate some feed back.

Hey tcratius,
Karma tells you not to.
It’s clear from what you write.
You already know the answer.
People hire you because you know how to code.

Hi @io_io,

Thank you for the reply and very wise words. I will tell them today that I will not be attending the course. It’s funny, by the time I finished, I really had the answer and feel a bit selfish for sharing.

In time, I will be amongst a great group of people developing; or maybe I already am.

Cheers tc

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I think you already decided most boot camps actually didn’t help you and just take a bunch of your money. I can’t really say about this boot camp or any of that is generally the case, especially if they are shorter than six months.