Spiral Bound Books

While I’m putting this in the Python section, it applies to many books. I have ordered many instruction books on various subjects, and some are spiral bound. I know that is more expensive, but they are so much better to work with. Right now I have my Lpthw book propped under my printer to hold it open. I would gladly buy a new copy of this book if it were available in spiral bound. Please consider future books in that format or future printings of your books that way.

That’s a good call. I have another book I am working through on PyTest and it sucks having to break the spin to hold the page. Better still though, is a pdf :wink:

My Computer Books are all E-Books (PDF, E-Pub, Websites) today. I find it much better to work with (at least on my 17" Display). I have the book open on one half of the screen and work on the other half. I would cry when I would have to learn from a paper book anymore (or at least have some pain in the neck).

All that said, I’ll kill my own job with that words… because I work in a print shop :smiley:


DidierCH: Well, I guess all I can say is to each their own. Some now claim to learn better with Virtual Reality displays. What I like about a book is that you can sit in your easy chair, have a drink sitting next to you and then study something that you want to learn. Looking closely at a line of print on a screen would hurt my eyes. With a spiral bound book, you can even fold the book around so you are just looking at a page. I will admit though that I tend to fall asleep reading a book. Probably due to that easy chair. Not2smart said that.

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You could use an e-Reader. That’s the best of both worlds.

Kindle Paperwhite is really the best transition from books to ebooks.

I agree, but I also don’t control the printing. I think you can take a book down to a Kinkos and they’ll rip the binding off and put it into a spiral for you.