Status update -- Learn Design the Hard Way?

Hi Zed, et. al.

Posting this here since it seems the best place. First, Learn Python the Hard Way is a gift that keeps giving. I just completed online course provider Simplilearn’s “Data Science with Python” class and actually passed it! Completed the projects and everything. Could not have happened without the grounding I got from LPTHW.

Curious if any progress on Learn Design the Hard Way. I actually have studied fine art at Art Student’s League in New York (some years ago). Zed I applaud your interest in fine art. I think it teaches ideas of coherence that are probably shared quite directly with ideas of programming structure. But it’s certainly more directly visible, although far less directly marketable, than programming skills.

Thank you,
Mark H.

Hey, glad the book helped. I’m not so sure where the Design book is at. I can email the author and ask him tomorrow.

As for what programming has in relation to art? Well I have a slightly controversial view on the topic that I won’t get into but I can say: nothing in painting has helped my coding skills at all; but everything I learned creating software helped me learn to paint. If you want to talk about that more, maybe fire up another thread and I can share more.

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I too am waiting for design the hard way. I understand it’ll use Sketch so this book would be for Mac user only ?

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