Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Has anybody read this book? Would you recommend it?

I have perused the first chapters and I kind of like the spirit. It also seems to be an ‘important’ text in the field of computer science and programming?

It looks like going through it would be a monumental endeavour.


@florian Like you, I have not read it in full. It was recommended to me on this site. There are other resources on there too.


I think anyone going through MIT is required to read it (or used to), but not many people actually make it through. The field of CS is riddled with lots of these kinds of books.

Thanks, @zedshaw. I’ve started working through it and I think I’ll stick to it. It nicely complements the hands-on approach in your books – and it teaches me Lisp, which you recommended to me in the other thread about functional programming.

I’m curious, would you mind telling us what textbooks you’ve studied?

@zberwaldt Thanks for the link. I was looking for a resource like that.

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