Struggling with python apppendix

Brand new to coding. I am following the appendix. Page 272, Windows, cp Iamcool.txt neat.txt

First question, ‘neat.txt’ is not in the instructions. From where, then? Because a few steps down are also ‘awesome.txt’ and ‘thefourthfile.txt.’ I know enough that no system can copy something that has not been installed.

Second question, even with just ‘iamcool.txt’ - which was part of his instructions - I get a message that states 'cannot overwrite with itself. Any help?

Hey, so it’s great you’re starting with the command line because it’s kind of a baby programming language and will help you iron out some things.

For example, you’re typing:

cp iamcool.txt

However, in the book I explain that cp (copy) is to copy a file from one name to a new name. You’re just giving the original name and then that’s an error. You have to give the new name. in fact, if you’re following my instructions and watching the video you’ll see me do exactly this, so that brings up two things you need to do going forward:

  1. Before you hit ENTER on any command, read out loud what you’re supposed to type and what you typed. You’ll find your errors then.
  2. Every time you make a mistake and get these errors, obsessively type:

In the above screenshot you didn’t do that, so it’s basically like trying to find your car keys in a dark room. pwd and ls will turn on the lights.

So, your cp command needs to be something like:


You only have:


Now go back to the book and see what you really need to type, then from here on out triple check every command before you type it.

Thanks for the response. I finally did get to complete this exercise. I now have two more questions.
Page 277, Windows, 'View a file…" I made the ‘test.txt’ file on my desktop. But I have no idea how to access the desktop from powershell. I can move and copy within my directory. Going outside of my directory is another story. I cannot figure out how to get past my own name in the directory list, much less outside the ‘c’ drive. How do I get outside the ‘c’ drive to garb the text file from the desktop?

Just so there aren’t any doubts, I started back over from the beginning of the Appendix and could not determine any way to get outside the ‘c’ drive. As a part of my self-learning, I repeat from the beginning all new subjects in which I engage until I can get through all of the exercises without an error.

Second question, I was finally able to find your videos attached to the book which I bought. None of the titles refer to the Appendix. Yet, your response to me indicates that videos do exist. Where are the videos for the appendix?

Finally, pertaining to your response about copying files, page 272, Copy a File(cp), I would really like to stress that the sentence as written does not indicate anything about a new name. As written, “In this exercise, you learn how to copy a file from one location to another with the cp command.”

Thanks for your help.

When I pulled up the list of videos, the video for the Appendix is on the first page of the list. It’s labeled

Yes, looks like the videos aren’t showing up so here’s direct links: