Suggestions for Seminar 3

Hi Zed,

I think it would be better to have a small cosmetic change on the seminar videos - at least it would make more sense for me.

In Seminar 2, the Vim window is on the left of the desktop, and there is browser window on the right. At the bottom right we can see the keys you press as you press them.

At least for me, this arrangement breaks concentration since my eyes need to move from left to right, and are not fast enough to catch the keys. I have to constantly rewind to check the keys you’ve pressed.

I suggest you keep the vim window on the right of the screen, making it easier to see what you type in the same window you type it!


Ok, I’ll try that out on the next one. Actually…I wonder if I could use Davinci Resolve to fix it? I think I might be able to do a “picture in picture” thing with the same video and then put the keys on the left too. I’ll try that today and see what I can do.


My first thought was to ask for shifting the keystrokes to the left, but I was afraid it would cover the line for command input. If you can pull this out would be great.

Yeah,that’s one of the problems is it’s going to cover something no matter what I do, but I agree that closer to where I’m typing is better.

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