Suggestions on moving further

Good Morning everyone,
I was actually planning to dive deep into programming languages(c++ and java) and gain skills required for a developer.
If some of you could suggest a good book or any online course then that would be of great help.
Also I want to understand particularly the topic of multithreading.


Have you worked through Learn C the Hard Way? People will tell you to learn C++ right away, but if you start with the standard library you’ll probably not learn the basics of array and pointer manipulation properly. Zed’s book teaches you a lot, even though you won’t use some of the things later on. C++ Primer is a classic book to get started with C++.

Search for Nand2Tetris, in my opinion best way to learn how computers work at the lowest level.

Also browse the catalog at MIT OpenCourseWare. You might find something good about concurrency there. The math lectures are also excellent.

Get a book about algorithms and study them. I like Skiena, but others might be a little easier if Math is not your strong suit.

No idea about Java, haven’t used it myself.

If you aren’t already, get comfortable with Git.

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I could not go through his (Zed’s) book completely. But I will resume studying it again.( I was actually distracted by python as it has got so many libraries ).
Yes, you are right in pointing out that people ask us to learn C++ right away.
I had heard about this (c++ primer) book a lot and now you are also recommending it so I will go through it thoroughly.
Nand2tetris and skiena are new for me so I will go through them also.
Thankyou so much.:pray:


As far as I understood, you’re planning to learn both languages, - great decision, moreover, it gives you much more space in your future career.
Unfortunately, I’m not accustomed to C++, so no tips regarding this. On the other hand, Java is my niche.
If you’re considering some books I can advise you of the following list I like the one by Nathan Clark - it suits even a complete beginner.
Online courses may be found via the web, depending on your needs. I advise including some practice, not only YouTube videos, for example.

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Thankyou! @alexxxi for the link and valuable suggestions.

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