Time to complete your "More Python" course

Hi Zed/others

I am half way through your LCTHW python course. On average, it is taking me anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes per exercise, so I am expecting total screen time is in the order of 50-60 hrs to finish (estimating 1 hr per exercise on average).

My goal at this stage is three fold:

  1. Achieve intermediate skill level (be confident with using OOP!)
  2. Get exposure to a broad range of practical modules and projects
  3. Longer term my interests (at this stage) are in the ML/AI and interoperability (web services etc) abilities of python.

Q1. I am looking ahead to your more advanced course and considering taking it on, however do not have a feel for how long it will take to complete. Could you give me some guidance on your thoughts as to its duration?
Q2. Do you think it better done in small blocks (I am thinking 1 hr at a time) or large blocks (1/2 day at a time)?


Its worth being mindful that that LPTHW book jumps up in complexity around ex45+. You may fund that the time for completing increases from 60-90 mins to several days. It all depends on your learning ability and how deep you want to go.

Here’s my short reply: As gpkesley states, exercises 40 thru 52 will probably take more time than 1 thru 39 combined. I’m now in Learn More Python. The last 16 days, I’ve worked on exercises 13 thru 16. I’ve spent a minimum of 60 hours on it. But I don’t look at Zed’s code until mine works as its supposed to and that takes a lot of time. I fail over and over and over and over again until I figure out how to get it to work without looking at Zed’s code.

Thankyou @gpkesley and @L.A.P for your feedback. A good reality check. If you had not mentioned that, the temptation to give up in the Oh-I-am-so-close-to-the-end part of the course might have been too much!

Any comments on what you have found works best for you in terms of blocks of time to allocate to these more challenging exercises and those in the “More Python” course?

I’d say their answers (and answers from other students) are probably better than what I could come up with as it’s based on their actual work on it.

Looks like last 5-10 exercises will be new material for me. Based on your feedback, revised estimate (for me) to complete LPTHW is around 90 -120 hrs from go to wo. More a guess than an estimate, but it gives me something to aim for.

Looks like LMPTHW is pretty hard core. I will wait till i complete this one first before deciding.

I really like this forum interface. Much nicer and cleaner than others i have used. Very nice. Makes me want to come back and use it more.

Again, thanks for your feedback @zedshaw, @gpkesley, @L.A.P.