Tip for people beginning work on Projects Section



This is a tip for anyone beginning work on the project sections of the following books: Learn Javascript the Hardway and/or Learn More Python the Hard Way.

In your terminal (must be bash) enter the following command:

$ info command

This will print out a detailed text document for the particular command, that goes in-depth on how to use a particular tool. And is extremely helpful in learning:

  1. How to use a program/tool (Here’s looking at you ed)

  2. Finding parallels between how the program works and how to use your particular language to implement them.

You may be able to search for these on the internet, but I have not tried myself so cannot guarantee anything. But it’s the internet, so…

EDIT: If you don’t have a version of Linux or Windows Subsystem for Linux. You can find all the manuals for any GNU program here: https://www.gnu.org/software/


Awesome @zberwaldt. That’s great. Just used it!


Ohhhhh, info! I totally forgot about that command. Wow I haven’t used that in probably decades. Good stuff.


I just lucked out in terms of finding it. I was looking for tutorials on how to use the ed command, and I just happened to spot it on some forum.

I found the info docs much more comprehensive than anything else I could find.