Upload file requested to gist and gitHub

Wow thank you so much, I thought my subject line was awful which is why i did not get any replies lol. But I can definitely upload my code to GitHub.I have uploaded my file with a couple changes i made to GitHub and gist however it still is not generating the appropriate states.Let me introduce my self, my name Donte Small I am novice programmer who is eager to learn. Currently the academic program I am in approach to teaching does very little to teach good programming techniques, which works to further complicate things. With that said, I am a big fan of your teaching style and look forward to being an active participate in your forum. Also here is a link to my github repository as well https://github.com/donteSmall/missionary_and_Cannibals-/blob/master/Missionary_problem_Reg.py

First up, extra points for the most awesome subject line ever. :wink:

Can you do me a favor and put this code into https://gist.github.com/ so I can alter it for you? Putting it into a github.com repository would be even better, but if that’s too much work then just a gist is fine.

Also, I’d ditch that sys.path.append line you have. Instead, do this:


If you’re having a hard time importing modules. (If you’re on windows then the export line is different. Let me know).