Use of Git to work on a Django Web App



I am a complete novice to Django programming. I only have a rudimentary knowledge of Python. I am learn to code in Django using online tutorials and have been instructed to use GIT-SCM to manage version control of my project. I have succeeded in installing GIT-SCM but can’t seem to use it because of the following error.

Can anyone please help me to find a solution to this problem ?

>     > xcrun: error: active developer path ("/Applications/") does not exist
>     > Use `sudo xcode-select --switch path/to/` to specify the Xcode that you wish to use for command line developer tools, or use `xcode-select --install` to install the standalone command line developer tools.
>     > See `man xcode-select` for more details.

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After a lot of fumbling around on the terminal, I found a workaround using the terminal.
The trick is to use the following in the terminal :
sudo xcode-select --reset


Great, that’s an annoying error but it’s because Apple has kind of hijacked common developer tools and tied them to xcode.


Thanks for your comment Zed. Now the picture is clear to me. Now I understand why the above mentioned trick worked only after I uninstalled Xcode.