Using Book/Website vs Videos

I’ve been using the online book for Python 3. Are they identical to the videos or do the videos provide additional information?

The videos for the Python three book definitely add more. In the videos I cover a lot more debugging and breaking the code and show you more interactive things. The first few are just me typing in the codes people know how to do it, but after that it’s breaking the code making it run, differently hacking it, debugging it, etc.

Thanks I reviewed the videos up un til where I was progressed to. Now I do them after completing each section in the online book.


Can anyone post the link for the videos?

The one the book provides takes me to a website where I can buy the book but doesn’t show any videos.


Click on “register your product”. Register your book. Then go to Home->Account. Click on the “Registered Products” tab. Your book should be listed. Click on “Access Bonus Content.”

Thank you very much man!

If I buy a hardcopy or kindle for example, does that grant access to the videos, example code and other resources?


I have a hardcopy and can access the videos, I just needed to register my copy of the book

Thanks very much Jason!