Using Python for Big Data and Data Analytics

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This question is aimed more at Zed, though if anyone else knows please feel free to comment.

I am wanting to take my Python learning in the direction of Big Data and Data Analytics such as Data Visualization. I know I would need to also learn R for graph designs.

Is there any sort of direction I could take it? Like where to go next and what I need to nail down?

I know its one hell of a broad question but I am stuck trying to source this information out and with you guys knowing Python intensively you may know the path I need to take here. Bare in mind I am also currently studying a Bsc computer science . I just need to take my side study in that direction and try get some experience and knowledge under my belt for that particular path.

Data visualization is growing exponentially and is a skill that is sought after!


So I’m not super faimiliar with the latest and greatest in Python visualization, but I do know a few of these projects are important:

I suppose a first step is to get familiar with these projects and start using them to do things. Next, if you need to learn R there’s quite a few books, but I think these two books were my favorite back in like 2004:

Things may have changed a lot, but I believe the first book would still be relevant given that it’s covering statistics which doesn’t change too much.

The other thing is to get better at math and modeling. If you need to improve your math skills then I recommend signing up for the full math series at your local community college. If you get to Calculus and are lost (because they always teach it wrong), then get the book Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P Thompson It’s an old book but still the best introduction to Calculus there is. Get that book and a book of Calculus problems with solutions and then drill them until you know them well.

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Hi Luke,

Data visualisation is just one aspect of the data analytics. It can be used either to have a quick look on your data or to show your prediction results.
Here are some links:

Also if you want to do great visualisation, DASH is really good

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Thanks for all the information both, taken on board and bookmarked some of those sites. I guess the first port of call is to improve maths skills. Part of my degree actually covers this area and touches upon calculus and other subjects. Though will be looking into local community college to improve more in maths.