Very beginner pre-ordered js and not sure how GitHub is make use of for study


Please advise me how and how to you use GitHub to study the languages? I just checked the basics but still quite unsure. How can I prepare for it? Thank you very much.



I am also needing to know this answer. I know there are a lot of programmers on their sharing their projects open-source and free to edit.

Personally makiimai - I think they mean to “study” languages as to download other coders source code, run it, look over source code and see how it works and understand how and why it works.


Yes, that can be done after we learn the language to some extent, and I guess that can be a practice for when we work in a team later. And, for whom wants to get certificate, that can be evidence, I think. BUT, there normally be a lot of unknown files together with the ones I probably learn from. If there are some approaches to learn a particular language, for the time beginning, just follow one way is quicker to draw an overall picture - and modifying is my method of learning anything (as I don’t use my brain much).

Luke - thank you very much I’m assured that I may learn here.


Well, if you want you can start looking at how I implemented these solutions for the follow-up book:

They’re actually interesting examples of using Python in small projects for different purposes. You can start with the very earliest ones then go from there. You can also take something you use all day, say “Twitter” or “Slack” and then search in github for “open source python 3” and that thing. So, “open source python 3 slack”. You may turn up nothing, and it may result in garbage, but that’s one way to do it. Google helps too.


Indeed, though they can be a hint for people who’ve already known the language to create the next, it seemed nothing to help learning for beginners. But, I became more curious about setting up the server-environment.