VERY first day and I can't get Home: Accidentally made a Path?

I made a mistake that is probably really, really easy to fix—so easy to fix that I can’t find the answer anywhere and you’re probably going to laugh at it. Here goes.

I was super excited that I made my first directory (I have NO coding experience at all) and it was actually THERE in the temp folder when I left the PowerShell to look at it last night! I never thought I could do something like that! I started playing with it this morning, and I tried to remember the command for pwd instead of checking the book—I accidentally combined them in my head and typed p ~ into the shell.

It took me awhile to figure out why I couldn’t get home! I still can’t get out and I tried to find it in the book, but I can’t find the command and it keeps building more paths. I hunted down a shell syntax bash reference manual and as far as I can tell, I made a pipeline but I don’t know how to escape the pipeline.

Here’s a screenshot of my mistake, where you can see that I learned a cool thing (wow a pipe? I haven’t even left the appendix yet…).

Am I breaking my computer by doing this? How do I delete this ugliness?
Thanks, and this is really fun, I just want to get back to home so I can learn enough to get myself out of these situations. Here’s the code and my 20-something attempts to leave the path.

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I don’t know what is going on but I would recommend just close the Shell :wink: and start fresh with a new one.

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That’s it!?
Well that was easy…is the weird code still lurking in my system somewhere waiting to unleash some weird whatever-the-heck? (Told you, very first day issues).
Thank you so much, @DidierCH

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No, nothing is hidding or lurking around :slight_smile: (in this case…)
If you don’t invoke a program or create some folders or files inside the Shell, nothing exists outside of the Shell.

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Does cd on it own return you home on windows? It does on OS X/Linux but I can’t remember on windows.

Failing that you can always go for…

cd ~/

which tells the computer to change directory to this users root directory (home).

Welcome to programming! It’s a lot of fun.

So glad you got out of it. :grinning:
Usually, when you don’t know how to get out of something like this, try CTRL+C keys .