VimSchool Has 8 Videos So Far

I’ve completed 8 of the 10 videos so far, except I kind of did them a little bit out of order. After using the base configuration I gave you in S1 ( I used it and then decided to show how to build your own configuration from nothing in two more videos:

In those I use mostly just plugins and a few more things, and then I use the configuration to do some real hacking to make sure it works for me. Using the same process you could build your own Vim setup to suite your needs too.

Then the videos for VimSchool S2-S6 go through learning to use basic Vim, and then how to use it with different languages. I’m going to do 2 more videos to setup some more languages and then round out the whole course soon. If you have any special requests then let me know and I’ll include them.

Finally, you can find and search all the videos here:

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