VimSchool Seminar 2 Planning

Alright, I’m laying out the plan for Seminar 2, so if you watched Seminar 1 and have things you didn’t understand or want me to cover in Seminar 2 then ask away. The theme for Seminar 2 will be:

Intermediate Motion Mastery

I’ll review the concepts from Seminar 1 then I’ll dive deep into moving around efficiently in Vim in all kinds of different scenarios. This will be within file motion, so not how to bounce around between files yet. The main goal of this seminar is to give you commands that let you jump around between things your editing and quickly move to where you need to work within a file, with maybe a little bit of flipping between files.

Bonus Topic: Vim In Your Browser

I’ll demonstrate some of the Vim Browser plugins that allow you to do these same kind of fast motion commands in your web browser. We’ll cover Vimperator, and Vimium as the two main ones.

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