VimSchool Seminar 3: Intermediate Changes

I will be performing VimSchool Seminar 3 on Thursday at 3pm with my Learn Code Live students, and then shortly after that I should have it up for everyone else. The topics I’ll be covering are all around intermediate changes, but you need Seminar 2 so you can understand the motion commands that go with the changes.

Tentative Outline

  • Review Seminar 2 Motion Commands, especially / for searching.
  • Review the “grid motion” vs. “semantic” motion concept.
  • Review the basic editing commands covered in Seminar 1.
  • Tie in the grid motion and basic editing commands to demonstrate how they’re linked.
  • Add more advanced grid based motion+editing commands and tricks.
  • Review semantic motion and then how to do s/// and %s//// style edits.
  • Combine more uses of semantic motion with editing to give more advanced editing.

If you have requests for more information in this seminar then let me know.

Seminar 4: File Navigation & Repetition

The plan is then to do programmer style file navigation and search, and then repetition using macros within and across files. In this seminar we’ll need to install some plugins so I might do a little video for you between now and next week on installing plugins.

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