VimSchool Seminar 3 Up


Just posted the video for VimSchool Seminar 3. The audio was actually very low in the recorded version so I had to do some serious serious surgery. Let me know if it is garbled on your end. You can get it here:


The audio for Seminar 3 sounds good, just like the others. :+1:


I do find the audio clear but very low. Do you need a pre-amp or something?


I did max it out but I’ll check it again and see if I can push it up more.


I have a great sound card on my laptop. The video sounds good to me.


I’m talking about relative volumes. The sound is clear and I push to laptop volume to max. The a system sound or Polodoro timer alerts and it scares the crap out of me!


I can listen to a normal volume and all is fine when using headphones.
Tried to listen without headphones and the volume is lower, true.
Took a screenshot to show you at what volume I am able to hear just fine with headphones.