Vue.js with MongoDb

I’m currently using Vue.js to create a personal project, but time has arrieved and I need to do the backend (I don’t want to use Firebase). Do you guys have any recomendation to learn MongoDb integrated with Vue? Any resource and/or simple example would be very helpful.

Are you using Vue with Node? A CDN? Something else?

I recently finished one of the Mongodb University course (you find them on the mongodb site)
Take a look at their MongoDB for JavaScript developers, should start in January.

@archmaster, Yes, I’m using with Node. I think my setup is decent. My problem is that I just need to get used doing those kind of things. Going to approach things a little bit more slower than usual. Tried some tutorials, but having to deal with mongoose, nodemon, express etc are too much for me right now. I really need to understand what is going on.

I will search for some code examples. Once I see something that I can understand, I think I will just replicate into my project and see what happens next.

What I need is basically:

  • To Save some data from public api into database (Already did the requests and used node to create a file for me)
  • A system to register new users, to save posts, profile details etc. The typical stuff.

@io_io Thanks for your suggestion. I also found something on FreeCodeCamp. Should not be that complicated at all.

Going to keep you guys updated about my learning process. Thanks

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Yeah, try MongoDB, as some folks like it. I know a lot of people are getting off of it but for someone just starting out doing nothing too serious it’ll work. Another one is ArangoDB but that’s way more complicated.