Week of September 9th

My status this week is:

DONE: Search with Q-Objects and forms in Django
BLOCKERS: Nothing in sight
GOALS: Polish my search and make tests for it

I am currently working on … a real estate listing site with Django 2.2

I am struggling with understanding … applying test first on difficult topics.

I am finally understanding … Q-Objects, forms

I have work to show at … Nothing to show publicly for now.


DONE: Basic Profile Edit screen and fixing error with database session. 404 & 500 errors formatted from base template. Local logging and email support set up.
62 mile training week with 4:07 marathon on sunday.
TODO: more error handling, pagination.
BLOCKERS: resist the urgent to prettify the front end with css/html at their point. It’s not what I’m learning. More training but on a recovery week so will code more.


Concats @gpkesley for your 4:07 marathon. That’s pretty fast.

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Thanks. I’ve actually slowed down as now training for a 100km Ultra next year

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My status this week:

DONE: Finally figured out how to render videos in Davinci Resolve and then crunch them to a tiny size with ffmpeg. Believe it or not that’s super difficult.
BLOCKERS: DR has a bunch of bugs that got in my way. Travel is also eating in my time a lot.
GOALS: Get more features up on zedshaw.art so that I can finalize the JS book and also use that code to make the new JS book website.

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